Please no agitation at work place or premices

I am requesting you all not to show any anger against any region at work place or premices. Already there is big fight outside and Govt/politicians/JAC is trying to work on that. Even if you have strong feeling of your thoughts, please keep it yourself and don’t show it at work place or premices. Since itโ€™s affecting our relationship at work place when people are belong to different regions. Sharing there own thoughts is OK but every one is crossing there limits by humiliating others respect.

In software industry, we have developed a work culture to respect each other. There is no discrimination based on regions/cast/color. So please try to be calm and don’t motivate youself based on newspapers/TV news, Don’t spoil the work environment.

If I say ‘Jai INDIA’, other country people may feel…so Jai Galaxy….:-) I am not thinking about aliens, since I don’t see them till now. ๐Ÿ™‚