Focus Changed

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Now I am exploring many new technologies which I have wanted to explore from quite long time. Now is the time to do more learning. In past 3 years O have learned all big data elasticsearch stack, python, C++11 and XMPP etc

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Dear Smart Friends,
I want to share good news. You know I started one start-up called ‘IstamLab’ which aims to develop cross-platform mobile games. I lost almost 9 months of my precious entertainment time and fun filled weekends. Now my first game ‘HowSmart’ is born and available in Apple App Store for download, which works on iPhone3G/4/4S/5, iPad1/2/3 and iPod touch at present.
Brief about HowSmart: This game is designed to measure your smartness with various visual puzzles in fun way. You have to solve given visual puzzled situation in smart way. Just you have to action either by tap, drag, rotate, or rub and whatever smart thing. So be smart…

– 60+ awesome stunning puzzles and still more puzzles on way
– Ultimate 15 second brain teasers
– Tricky puzzles
– Solutions pop after 3rd attempt
– Progress review after every 5 levels
– Facebook & Twitter integration
– you can reset score and give it to your family member
– more fun

Different transitions

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15 hits per day….sollu

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Wow, strange. I have not been active on this wordpress from last one year.but avg hits per day is 15. Most of them are from google search. I am using this wordpress to follow myself. That is the reason I prefer WordPress over twitter.

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Really, I am using twitter to follow RGV tweets

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Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin)
4/8/12 3:00 PM
“@Praveenraj_: u cant go back and make a brand new start,but what u can do is to restart now and make a brand new ending.”

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Brush up….

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Yupp, two years completed in SG. Need brush up again on below concepts. I am not sure how long I need to work as employee.

1) C++ : virtual concepts,templates,exceptions,c110x,object model
2) pthread : synchronization, locks/mutexs
3) STL : map,vector,set,hap_map,bit_map, strings
4) Boost : quick brush up
5) IPC : Basic signalling and communication
6) Sockets : Basic programing
7) DataStructures : Queues, lists,hash, trees, graphs
8) Algorithms : daily one algorithm
9) Design Patterns: all patterns
10) Generic programs
11) Start new application

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Magic lamp?

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Keep on scratching my head, you know why?
Why not my brain produce innovative thoughts?